Wednesday, December 17, 2014

SE 16 and a Premier Design tour

Yesterday I was in London SE 16 (Bermondsey), the weather was good and there's something about the area that reminds me of 'European' cities - and this row of shops by Jamaica Road looked really nice as I walked past.
A nice parade of shops just by Jamaica Road SE 16

The reason I was in the area was that after a satisfactory assessment of my test tour at the Design Museum I was  able to premier my introduction to The Collection Lab yesterday to the public- the public did seem a little underwhelmed (only 3 people got to see the tour yesterday) but I enjoyed it and think I could probably cope with even more of an audience.

A couple of things I have noticed :

1) Preparation and explaining to others is  a really effective way of learning stuff.

2) Connections come to light as you talk about a topic, in the is case design and attach it to other things

My first visitor was currently working in an Architectural practice in London and both myself and the Visitor Experience person who was helping me had a shared connection with Hong Kong all of us having spent (varying) amounts of time there.

My other guests on the tour were visiting from India and were also able to share their insights with me as we looked at some of the artefacts that had caught my eye..
Having done the tour I am also keen to add other potential items to keep the topic fresh and also to enable me to highlight other items that could be relevant to the visitors.

I have posted the picture below to Skyline who provide a great tool for monitoring -Dataminer and who are working to support  charities via Finoda  by getting 1000 Everyday moments posted - why not go along and help them with a post

Another potential victim for my tour of The Collection Lab at Design Museum

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