Tuesday, December 16, 2014

BT continues to reinvent itself as it moves in on EE

It's about 9 years since I left BT to pursue 'other interests' at the time I left I was working in a Broadcast role within a part of BT  known as  Global Services at the time it was considered part of the engine of growth within BT working at global deals mainly around the corporate sector but it subsequently appeared that BT had been far too 'bullish' about the profit prospects .
Old and dusty or..

The mass home provision that the telephone business had been focused on looked like more of a dead horse than a cash cow and other more fleet footed competitors were swooping on other parts of the market.

O2 the mobile business which originally known as Cellnet was as a joint venture between Securicor and BT and was floated off from a then cash strapped BT.

a more modern unit
Fast forward (as they say) half  a dozen years or so and BT is looking to acquire either EE or O2 and is 'flourishing' in the TV business - well will the resurrection of a strong BT be good for business and UK PLC - we'll have to wait and see - fair to remark though that as BT moves its tanks on to others front lawns  counter initiatives should not be discounted from Sky or Virgin Media.

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