Monday, December 29, 2014

And looking forward to 2015- aims and aspirations

A few days ago I posted about my 2014 and I thought it was worth putting down a few goals of 2015 - I recall reading Tim Smit's autobiography  (Tim was the dynamo behind the Eden Project in Cornwall ) and learning how he found publicly saying that he was doing/had done something was a great motivator to undertake  complete things.

Hope to study more here.

Well I have already signed up for one Philosophy course for 2015 (in Ealing) but would also like to take the remaining  third one at  City Lit course in the spring (Ways into philosophy: philosophy in the 20th century).


Up in the clouds
I think our goal will be as we managed in 2014 a minimum of one overseas holiday and a UK visit but perhaps a  Citybreak  trip to Berlin Germany might be a nice addition too.

Get stuck into this lot


I must admit to lacking the ability of late to focus on reading beyond gathering information and there are so many books I'd like to read - I hope to remedy this to some degree in 2015 - the travel may help here too as I often read more when I'm away from the distractions of home.

Photography  & Galleries

A camera refresh?

I hope to get an even better  camera that  will allow me to use Alamy so that I can perhaps monetise some of my pictures I'd also like to see one or two of my pictures published in a magazine or book or shown in an exhibition.

I hope to attend a picture framing course in Richmond at  their adult community college (RACC) during the spring/summer.

I plan to keep visiting galleries and museums hopefully finding some new ones in 2015.

Health and fitness

I shall continue the allotment which is the closest  I get to physical exertion and also walk as much as I can (within reason).
Allotments - great for fruit & veg

I am now avoiding Freeze dried instant coffee and Fruit drinks made from concentrate as there seem to be concerns around these processes, I shall continue to try and eat the suggested 5 per day (fruit and Veg.)

My behaviour

I suppose there's a potential problem where I might seek to influence people and suggest  that I know better than others - I shall try and moderate this or at least recognise when I'm being particularly belligerent in this respect.

I will also try and be less of a hypocrite - and judge myself as I judge others (or perhaps the other way around?)

And The blog..

Well I do like to document what I've done and find the blog helps me do this and on this point..

I don't get thousands of visitors to my blog  but like Michaela Raab   (who incidentally seems to be carving a very worthwhile path) I too have been intrigued by the number of Ukrainian Hits to my blog - any ideas?

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