Friday, December 19, 2014

Inflation subsides and Community Shopping in West London

Interesting to see inflation at 12 year low along with prices falling and the effect that this has on consumers, petrol prices falling is not something that we're over familiar with and it does affect consumer behaviour.

I don't use a lot of 'gas'  but did get a fill-up earlier in the week - and find that had I delayed my purchase the spend would have been lower, imagine - as I think has been seen in Japan prices falling and a deflationary spiral, purchases are deferred and money is taken out of the economy.

We can see that a certain amount (not too much) of overall  inflation in the economy does help keep people spending, we need to keep insight that squeezes do affect our behaviour and keep this in mind.

On the positive side petrol price drops alone will put more money (disposable income) in our pockets, wallets and purses to spend or save as we wish.
A good service & nice people

W13 Picture Framing

On the subject of behaviour I had a good experience using West Ealing's Community shop for picture framing, if we want such enterprises to flourish we should use them and not always go for the cheapest or chains.

The task they were set was to frame a map print by the cartographer Max Gill who was the subject  of an exhibition and lecture in Ealing - the print about Tea routes to be a birthday gift.
A framed Map by Max Gill

As well as not exploiting high street shops before we make our on-line buys we do have a responsibility to act how we wish others to behave, on shopping at a Community Shop one adopts a more human approach which we should not  dispense with when we use other outlets - ideally all transactions should be handled with respect to those helping us, don't expect great service if you keep that phone to your ear as you pay!
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