Tuesday, December 23, 2014

One of two Serpentine crackers and My year in Google

Today I went to the Serpentine Gallery, it's closed tomorrow and I had formed the idea  that it would not be too crowded in the build up to the holidays (and it wasn't).
A calm place to visit and Reiner's work calls for contemplation

The Serpentine of course was home to the amazing Marina  Abramovic  and her 512 hour  performance this summer so it has quasi-legendary status for me
One of 3 piles you see as you go in

And I was really very pleased I went again- the main gallery has work by German artist Reiner Ruthenbeck and what an interesting career he's had, born in Germany in 1937 he was a photographer before becoming a conceptual artist and he had the good fortune (I would say) of being a student of the legendary Joseph Beuys.

There are clearly many influences that can be seen in Reiner's  work including that of the Italian Art Povera and Fluxus.

What I'm finding now is that having looked at making my own 'tours' I'm looking wtih a more inquisitive eye and research too will follow this visit.

someone's upset the furniture..

And there's a load of paper on the floor

The good news is that for this (and the display I'll mention tomorrow) photographs were permitted (without flash).
Some of Ruthenbeck's sculptures

As well as the 600 pieces of paper (which I can imagine a child having great fun with) there were some minimal metal pieces and a picture with accompanying music .

There was music with this one.

And there were some fine Black and White photo's there too.

Also interested to see that there was a work exploring a territory that I though was unique to Martin Creed - this one though is a  dim constant light rather than a flashing one.

I saw the light

My year 2014 in Google+

Google + does something fairly odd with a selection of the pictures I've taken and well here it is..
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