Sunday, September 14, 2014

Update on Ealing Eateries and Day 4 of Rhodes

Was Domingo's now Mustang's
So sad to report that after around 15 years Domingo's an excellent Portuguese restaurant/Tapas has been replaced by a Nepalese restaurant (Mustang's)  although this will still be a family business it's really sad to see Domingo's go - very nice people and consistently good value tasty food with a type of cooking that's a bit under represented..

The cause of the closure is 'personal' and not a business failure - wish all those concerned in both the old and new businesses well.

Well other new restaurants are getting close to opening in Ealing Broadway centre, Limeyard on 22nd September and Turtle Bay looking to be around the same time.
Limeyard is (I think) not a chain yet but Turtle Bay is.

Limeyard will open soon

A part of a chain

There's going to be a 'pop-up' organic grocery store across the road from them too.

Organic 'Pop -Up' in Ealing

Day 4 Rhodes

When we go away if there's a mini-golf course nearby we generally take advantage and have a quick game, just close to our hotel in Ixia there was a course/bar although the bar was a bit low key with limited food it was fun to have a game and watch the birds drinking from a tap.

A perch and a drink -perfect!

Most evenings during our stay in Rhodes we had a post dinner drink either in the bar at Lobby level or the Pool side, the Lobby bar often had a band or the other entertainment  - We saw a band called VIP (I think) one night - very good the sound just 3 people can make. I did also get quite a liking to the Calypso Coffee.

VIP rock out in the bar

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