Saturday, September 13, 2014

Day 3, Rhodes Old Town and a Marina visit too

Rhodes, the Island and Town has had something of a tumultuous history and being close to modern day Turkey has meant that it has been under the control of Turkey and even Italy.
Seen plenty of action one suspects

All this means that there are fortresses and strategic ports on the Island, the best place to see the history of the Island in physical form is Rhodes Old Town.
A grumpy bus queue in Ixia

On Friday (after waiting an inordinately long time for a bus) we visited the Old Town here are some pictures from the visit...

Wall view to sea
Perhaps Tourists shouldn't support this?

Marina entertains

Although I was able to access emails and twitter from my camera I was not able to listen to radio too much I did though have the chance to listen to a short radio documentary on Marina Abramovic.

For me  Marina continues to fascinate - is she all she seems - take a listen and I defy you to keep a smile from your face.
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