Monday, September 15, 2014

Day 5 on Rhodes - (not twisting ) by the Pool and Finding Nemo

Well it can be easy to forget what an enormous band Dire Straits were in the 1980's having been at the Mini Golf where the owner was playing their Greatest hits I couldn't get quite a few of their songs out of my head - wow, Private Investigations and Romeo and Juliet were  just two of a number of  great tracks.
A sign at the hotel

Anyway as I hummed to myself through the day we sat by (and I went in) the clean and pleasant pool of the Atrium Platinum Hotel.
A view of the pool bar

Lunch was generally a light meal a salad or sandwich often taken at a cafe near our hotel.

In an attempt to avoid getting too tired of 'Greek' food we alternated where we ate and in the evening (day 5) we found the quirky but pleasant enough Nemo, the meal was fine and as is often the case in restaurants outside the UK a gesture at the end of the meal is often made, a drink or something sweet here we were offered a sort of Chocolate Brownie type thing with ice-cream which was nice in both ways.

The quirkiness was from the front of house - as she forgot stuff and generally appeared 'ditzy' but fun.

Nemo was a new-ish bar/restaurant (I don't know who/what it's named for the book character or film perhaps?) and had a limited menu but tit did have a nice view out and music and ambiance were both good - I'd be interested to see how it develops in the years ahead.
We found Nemo.

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