Wednesday, September 24, 2014

(Further) Ways into Philosophy

Yesterday I was reminded how challenging (for me anyway) the subject of Philosophy is.
On your bike near the Holborn City Lit HQ

I reckon that Philosophy is a subject much neglected educationally and nt just in the UK, it's not that it isn't taught but it seems that those who are exposed to it are often something of an elite - unlike religion it is not universally acknowledged as being significant (whichj I think it is).

At City Lit Holborn three session on Philosophy are taught  per year (in as far as it can be) earlier in the year I joined the module Ways into Philosophy : Great Thinkers which used a Bryan Magee TV series of the 1970s as a starting point, this module is Ways Into Philosophy Key Themes and it uses the Thomas Nagel 'What does it all mean?' book.

The Nagel book I found very interesting and subsequently I have been told that it is quite layered so am looking forward to further analysis of it.

One of the chapters in the book (the penultimate) is entitles Death and I found the subject covered to by a Stephen Cave Ted Talk which again caused me to reflect. (you can see the speech on-line and here's the transcript)

One of the pleasures of attending a 'physical' course is the dynamic of the group, let's face it the same pleasure is not available via the virtual experience of on-line and distance learning I'm already enjoying the company of the like minded souls (I guess) who are intrigued by the area of study.

Although soe classroom learning takes place we are supported via electronic means with a Moodle capability.

I was delighted to find the course is (as before on my previous session) led by Scott Biagi who is well organised but manages to make the running of the group appear almost effortless - very impressive.

Some handouts were provided and one was 'Maxims for doing Philosophy' - it's not a special offer at the restaurant but some things (short and pithy I'm told) you'll observe - pleased to see that the one I came out of the class with this week was there..

Defining the word is the whole problem

Hyde Park

Here's a commemorative stone and the words it holds from a meander I took in Hyde Park.

A very physical presence in Hyde Park near the Serpentine
And the words written.

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