Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Serpentine without Marina (shame I say)

Well a good friend of mine has pointed out that Marina Abramović  has already been featured fairly heavily in Private Eye's Pseuds Column so I'll get into  the Zone and mention that today I visited the Serpentine P.M.  (and that's  Post Marina and a  very different time).
Outside the Sackler

 First stop today was the Sackler and I've often not enjoyed the exhibitions there but this time the artist was Llanelli  born Cerith Wyn Evans (who I' embarrassed to say I didn't know was a man) -this is an artist I'm new to but quite a blend of influences I would say, textual, literate and audible are all adjectives one can (this one anyway) attribute to him.

A small extract -and a tiny flavour

I felt a touch of the Dan Falvin's about some of the work with illumination(?) but found the lyrical nature of the deployed prose had a touch of the  Japanese about it  - gentle and quite evocative.

Cerith is doing a little of the arthouse film curating at Gate Picturehouse if you're interested.

In contrast with the Wyn-Evans display I found that (on first encounter) the Trisha Donnelly at the Serpentine Main (if I can call it that) was not easy to relate to, quite cold and monochrome and all projections without any explanations as far as I could see- looking at the review here -it could be (as is often the case) that   I've missed more than I saw.

Beam me up - It's actually  the  Serpentine Pavilion
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