Monday, September 01, 2014

New BBC Trust chair and a high rise act by Ealing scaffolders

So Lord Patten  found the BBC seat a little hot for him and ahead  of  heart surgery bailed out to the (presumably) and is now sailing on the  calmer seas of the Vatican where he's heading up a restructure of the media operations.

His hasty move left a hole which as a political appointee was bound to fall to a Tory friend at this time and as  required by  David Cameron the person filling the role needed to be of the female variety (although Lord Coe had been spoken of).

The story out there now is that  Rona Fairhead will be rubber stamped as the new Chair - she's the wife of  a former Tory Councilor (Tom Fairhead) and certainly doesn't seem to need the £110,000 salary the part time job pays as she recently received a nice 'little' compensatory payment from Pearson  for being passed over for the job of Chief Executive there.

It'll be interesting to see how she responds to anticipated questioning by the MPs media and sport select committee over things like HSBC's US money-laundering accusations (she was a non-exec director there), there's also speculation that the BBC might have some or all of  the trust Function moved to OFCOM in the future.

The main job facing her should she be confirmed in ensuring independence and adequate funding (as for all BBC chair-people).

Aerial Ballet

This Picture shows scaffolders (5 of them) presumably untroubled by too much in the way of hard hats and harnesses working in Ealing.
More roof work

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