Friday, September 26, 2014

Photo's from London's Southbank

Earlier in the week I was out in the early evening around Waterloo Station - it's (to my mind) very photogenic and I felt a little like a kid in a candy store as I snapped away.

Here's a selection from the pictures I took.

First around the railway Station..
This reminds me of the 'Artists
Impressions'of a 'new' development
and Pink Floyd circa Wish you
Were Here

 From the  bridge to the Southbank

After the station I walked towards the river, the sun at this time  of year casts a golden glow on The Shell building and the reflections from the London Eye can be bewitching too.

A warm sun lights up the Shell building

A Pod on the London Eye

As I walked along the river I saw the 'cultural life' books for sale and rides to be taken it was almost like the left bank in Paris.
I'll go on of you do
Any Jean-Paul Sartre?
finally the musicians and performers who bring so much to the place..

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The singer Susana Silva a great performance 
Gimme a beat..

A Magician
And here's the route-map the camera generated via GPS

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