Sunday, September 21, 2014

Open House London

"wouldn't it be lovely?"
It has long been  recognised that the built environment has an effect on how we feel and behave.

The way that many of us who live in cities is evolving with changing family structures where more and more people work from home at least part of the time it bound to change what we need.

An  increasingly  aging population wants different things from the accommodation where they spend much of their life as they physically change.

Energy prices and pressures have changed the view on what is acceptable for heat loss .

Nick Baker explains a little about his home project

Against this backdrop the initiative of Open House London should be applauded.

The idea is that various homes and offices  thrown themselves opne to promote discussion of what can and has been done.

We went to look at a local project in Ealing  that Architect Nick Baker had  designed and where he now lives, the brief is illuminating but I suppose as he was the client/designer  he knew about it anyway.

Building amongst existing housing and allowing light in but preserving privacy had been one challenge and plenty of solar  panels adorned  the roof.

It's a bit of a voyeuristic indulgence and Nick's place seemed like a low key Grand Design type house -  tasteful and well considered with loads of books and wine as any home should be - not too sure about the hot tub though.

The experience did have a  with a touch of Through The Keyhole but would recommend it.  
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