Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Rhodes Day 7 coming home to more philosophy.. (and a cracking London Image)

The final day of our holiday was upon us and there's something about the end even of a short trip that feels sad to me.

Nick-named Alex
The last day blues for me are made worse by a late flight (ours was set for a departure at around 10:00 p.m. local) it didn't go too badly but it was about 3:30 am when we finally got home to our West London home.

From our holiday Hotel we were able to see lovely sunsets and also energetic sea sports - gosh they're difficult to photograph though - these images will stay with me.

What will also stay with me is the poor care taken to keep rubbish from the streets of Rhodes Town and the awful airport (see I'm not the only one to mention it), very poor facilities and accommodation there- toilets not good and this reflects badly on the place as you wait to go home.

Action from a 'Kite surfer' -I bet his arms ache!

The mandatory sunset shot to mark the end of our holiday.

More reading and the Philosophers Arms is (are back)

As well as reading Alain de Botton's News A Users Guide I read most of What does it all Mean? by Thomas Nagel (now completed), it's only about a 100 pages long and is the 'set book' for the course I start next week but even without that I'd recommend it to those with a questing mind .

Nagel (quite a figure it seems)  is able to ask some very big questions in a straightforward way -(spoiler alert) I didn't like the ending.

I also managed to read a bit more of Socrates a very short introduction by C C W Taylor - I'm fascinated by the parallels of Socrates and Jesus both of whom failed to write their own accounts but left something of value in lessons on how me might live  which continue through the years- despite this (The book has a nice cover too).

The problem (for me) around Socrates is that as a result of this he enigmatic as a person  in the extreme- but I will persevere (nice IOT biography podcast here on him).

On the Philosophy side very pleased to report another (too short) series of The Philosophers Arms in on the Air (BBC Radio 4) - 'check it out as' they say.

A cracking London Image

Sometime ago I went on a Photography tour around the newer buildings by the monument - have just seen this photo - it's great wish I'd taken it -'the gods were smiling on you'  well done Alex Pink.

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