Friday, September 12, 2014

Rhodes Day 2 - finding our way around and great Breakfasts of our time

On the next day in our hotel (Atrium Platinum)  in Ixia we got our bearings and checked out the restaurants, 5 or so in the hotel and a few others just a short walk away.
An Oriental eatery in the hotel

We were staying bed and breakfast the hotel breakfast was so good we found such a selection which included the usual things like Sausages, bacon and eggs but also Sushi, Waffles Salad, fish and Buck's Fizz (the drink not the group).

Breakfast is a great meal and can start a great day - well done Atrium Platinum.

The Hotel although a modern one did have some quirky touches in fact entrance was at the 8th floor level and beach etc below at level one, our room was on level 4 and had views of the sea and a sort of small farm with a solitary cow - many rooms had their own pool which was probably good if you like privacy or have small children but the shared facilities were good too.

The puzzle we had was getting to a decorative pool (it reminded me of the Hockney, Bigger Splash) that we could see easily enough but seemed inaccessible - we did finally find that  it was only possible to get there from the main restaurant  but the pool made a very nice feature with its strong blue calm.
Helps with our media use

Often when I'm on holiday I read voraciously and it has also become something of a habit to read books that are either challenging or By Alain de Botton - this time it was The News a users manual  - as always I can 'hear' Alain's characteristics tones when I read his books and this was interesting in that it imagined a more positive News which would help and inspire.

I have had the book quite a while and also have a book he collaborated on about Art which I must read (Art as Therapy with John Armstrong) There's a video to goo with this work here.

This work has led Alain to actually do something about what he perceives as a media failure with his own service - The Philosopher's Mail which seems a commendable response.
For me the book lacked enough detailed coverage of the Sport phenomenon, the issue of 'Local' news and an ethnographic element  but it did undoubtedly lead me to a more critical analysis of the news and made me realise some of the importance of Socrates  ("Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”) - that people are struggling to do their best.

Alain does sometimes get criticized (look at this one for example) but he is doing in a modern way what Plato and Aristotle did creating a school and addressing  topics - good luck to him. 

Birds were a motif in reception and these ones lit up too.
An area of water outside the restaurant
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