Monday, September 29, 2014

Ealing update - the noisiest coffee shop.

The people of Ealing are able to enjoy various things chiefly cited in their 'My Ealing' in The Ealing Gazette as 'a thing they like about the borough'  is the green spaces but they're also spoiled for places to eat and drink coffee.

Well after having a look at how Turtle Bay and Limeyard  (funny how Maggies and Bill's opened at around trhe same time too) are doing we decided to have a hot beverage in what used to be a Costa Coffee and is now Patisserie Valerie.

 I suppose it's something of a luxury to have waitress service but there's not much of a change in the layout since the Costa days and the place is incredibly noisy, I don't know if it's the hard surfaces or the lack of any masking noises but after being there about 20 minutes or so my ears were ringing.

Anyway the experience wasn't great and it'll be some time before I venture there again.
Turtle Bay - nearly ready
Limeyard- Ealing now open for business

Other features of the weekend were

The Ealing Half Marathon which I understand went well although during the road closures people did get a bit confused and tried to use back-streets to minimal effect.
Confused drivers.

Also in nearby 'the Avenue' first regular Antique Market had a good day for its premier.

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What you got Cowboy?

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