Saturday, September 27, 2014

Ealing History - The Drayton Court Plus old Brown Shoe Part two

Last week I went for a pleasant drink at what I suppose is my local Pub, there's scaffolding up there as the exterior is being a once over.

It's nice to see that one of Ealing’s most historic pubs is being kept properly preserved  but what a shame that it like so many other historic landmarks in the borough does not commemorate its history more.

The Drayton's a great pub and we've been to the comedy nights there fairly recently - Phil Z MC and organiser generally gets a good attendance with a strong bunch of performers each month.

Ho Chi Minh who led South Vietnam in the war against the USA  in the 1960s was said to have been employed as a Kitchen porter there  100 years ago.”

I reckon that there's an opportunity for Ealing to make more of it's past  with a focus on Tourism and things to see- a Tourist Information bureau in on of the many shops might help and volunteer guides for walks etcetera.
The amount of filming for TV and cinema in the borough would make an interesting walk for sure.
A nice pub to have as a 'local'.
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Old Bown Shoe

As well as a nice 'George'  Beatles song it's for me a short personal saga.

I was really please to find my missing shoe on the plot next to mine - I guess the fox realised it wasn't that good to eat or play with and I'll try and keep it in a place where they can't reach it from now on.
Hello old friend on Plot 204

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