Monday, June 23, 2014

Ealing 's 'Lost Restaurant of Atlantis' and Osterley Gardens in the sun

I'm a big fan of Greek food particularly the Greek Cypriot version we get in many of our British 'Greek' restaurants, sadly there seem to be fewer and fewer good examples of these establishments around me.
Good value Greek food
(picture from the local data company)

Wine and Mousaka just by  Haven Green (Ealing)  used to be a good example but sine new management took over their menu has been truncated and the excellent Joseph has moved on - Retsina and Moussaka in Uxbridge Road is to my mind over generous with their helpings and somewhat under air conditioned, the only other Greek within wlaking distance to my knowledge is Atlantis (in Pitshanger Lane) and for some reason (many years ago) when we went we decided it wasn't for us and finally on Saturday evening we gave it another try and wee thoroughly delighted by the food, the service, the ambiance and the value.

Classic Kebab and salad, rice, potato  main course and a cold bottle of Retsina for two (with starters) less than £40 which to my mind is good value these days.

Osterley Gardens

Our default walk in parkland on a Sunday is generally Kew Gardens (we're part of the 'Friends of Kew' gang and it feels logical) but during the Hammersmith flyover Westway works traffic in the area for us is a challenge and parking is
A sunny view of Osterley stables.
not always easy so this week we decided to favour the other outdoors association we support (the national Trust) by visiting nearby Osterley.

Osteley holds happy memories for me as I volunteered there when I was completing my BTEC in horticulture a few years back going a three times a week or so for many weeks - working outside with other volunteers and staff.
In  fact the garden has continued to evolve and there's far more for kids to do there now - the grass does not look as well cut as when I was helping but that's to be expected.

(We had a sandwich and a drink in the café there and it was not cheap.)
Swans enjoy the pleasant weather at Osterley

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