Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Day 2 in Glasgow

On Saturday after a McDonald's breakfast (well it sounds Scottish doesn't it?)  breakfast we took a walk towards the  River Clyde, the Clyde had been the heart of Glasgow in years gone by but the de-industrialisation  of the river has changed this.
Sculpture and the inscription.

By the river is a commemoration to the International Brigade who fought the fascists in the Spanish Civil war.

The walk back to the City centre took us by the Enoch shopping plaza (nothing special) and the  Gallery of Modern Art  (GoMA).

In the Gallery the stand out work for me was one about Edinburgh places of worship which is made of cardboard it's called The Lamp of Sacrifice and is by the Scottish artist Nathan Coley.

The work was inspired by the 286 Churches, Temples and other places that people use for their religions, made in 2005 it also has a strong connection with Coley's father.

Bollard head

The GoMA is located in the heart of the city and outside there's a statue which regularly has a traffic cone added to it, subsequently it'll be removed but revellers will invariably replace.

There was a nice neon in the gallery too- Gentleman’s Club (2005) by Colin McCluskie.

Big Cinema
In the afternoon we went to the impressive multi screen cinema  near our hotel and saw the latest Tom Cruise (*and Emily Blunt) film it's called The Edge of Tomorrow and for me Cruise generally is a bit of a guarantee of entertainment in films, this is no exception, full of action but more than this a great message.
There's a bit of Sisyphus in this odd story taken from the Japanese writer Hiroshi Sakurazaka's book All You Need Is Kill.

Food was at a Chinese restaurant (Loon Fung)  and very good too, quite old school with big helpings and plenty of tea.

Old School Chinese eatery

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