Sunday, June 22, 2014

Now TV gets ITV, the (very quick) replacement camera case and Herbs out there on Plot 202

'Surprisingly the NOW TV box is still available at just less than £10 and it's just (for me) got the added bonus
Amazingly less than £10 for catchup
of ITV Player  via an automatic software update.

This means that you (NOW) get all the main UK free to air catchups on an easy to use little box for next to nothing.

This really is good value, sure if you want some Sky pay per view stuff as well it's there but for me there's more than enough good TV that I miss to make this a cheap and simple solution a worthwhile buy.

And don't forget that you can add all sorts of Plex functionality if you can manage a very simple hack that's detailed on youtube.

Replaced case

The new traditional case
The old one and belt tab
Just a couple of days I was 'whingeing on' about my camera case for the Canon SX 280 HS not being up to the mark - well I've got a new leather job at £10.99 (including free carriage), it's a snug fit but a good solid belt strap means it'll last sometime (I hope)

The case was bought on ebay 14B Black Learther Camera Case For Canon PowerShot and a smooth transaction in which the new case was delivered very quickly.

The case that I bought from Amazon has gone back via Collect+ which seemed pretty painless and only a short walk from my front door.

Herbs out there

 As well as watering and weeding I've planted some (a rather poorly looking bunch ) herbs out on the allotment - time will tell on their survival - we've got Mint Parsley, Oregano and others - fingers crossed.
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