Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Art and the Architect and Walpole Park nearly finished.

Yesterday evening I went to the  Ealing Civic Society annual public lecture which was all about Max (MacDonald) Gill. Max was the brother of Eric Gill who famously sculpted on Broadcasting House but although similarly talented he was less controversial.

Last Autumn I visited a Pitzhanger Manor House exhibition 'Out of the shadows' about Max's work, the guiding light behind the re-evaluation of Max was Caroline Walker (a great niece of Max)  who gave the excellent and well illustrated talk - you can hear pretty much the same talk here.

There's quite a lot of work of Gill that can still be enjoyed, work in churches like the ceiling painting at  St. Anselms Hayes, or his much celebrated Underground (Wonderground) maps commissioned by Frank Pick (Copies can still be bought).

As well as hearing about Gill I also learnt a little about the good work done by the Civic Society and also the soon to be reopened Ealing Walpole Park.
Walpole Park refurbished and ready for the ' Public'.

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