Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Down on the plot.. Searching for Sugarman

Yesterday and Sunday I spent some time on the allotment - still planting and also protecting as things come into bloom.
Keep away you pesky birds
Fruit cages are now covering some of the soft fruit and the Cherry tree that fruited last year has some netting over it - Strawberries need some protection too as they're beginning to fruit.
Fruit cages (there's one behind too)

I have planted Celery and Butternut Squash but plenty more seedlings (and seeds) to get sown - I think I have around 40 crops so far -listing them as they are planted (by position)  would be a way to lull myself to sleep - should I need to.
Celery planted

Searching for Sugarman

Excellent film on BBC TV (in the Storyville strand) about a 70s music star who was rediscovered in the 90's - It was amazing, a really dignified artist and human being emerged from the music and recollections - tragically the Swedish filmmaker behind the project  recently lost his life - but the film is worth catching if you can (somehow).
Here's a taster.

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