Monday, June 16, 2014

Pinta 2014 at Earls Court and update on Central grill

Last June I went to the Pinta modern and contemporary Latin American art fair at Earls Court and found it a really good experience so when the Saatchi gallery again provided a gratis invitation I decided to again make the visit.

I was not disappointed the show was big and bold with some very pertinent statements about the modern world.

The 'raison d'etre' for the show is to expose work from Latin Amerian countries and the Spanish peninsula, the show occupies quite a bit of the Exhibition Centre and means that with the number  of visitors there that you're unhurried and are able to take in what's on display.

Alfredo makes a point
Last year there seemed to be quite a number of exhibitors from Miami but less this year I think, there was though to my mind something of a focus on the financial issues (like that of Alfredo Jaar) thrown up by the recent crisis in the developed world.
Igor showing what can be done with carpet

There were some amazing photographic prints by Manuel Archain which reminded me of the sculptures of Isaac Cordal (in terms of their vision), also noticed a really nice work by an artist who specilaises in a sort of optical illusion strategy he's Igor Eškinja and the work I liked was called (I think) Panel Discussion in Basement .

A name that rings a bell with me Eduardo Kac had quite a retrospective thing going on, Kac is a Brazilian  Arist/technologist and some of his images and concepts hark back to an idea of the miracles of progress in an almost Soviet vibe - he even revisits the Minitel as a component of some of his works.
Santiago Sierra's work

There were some powerful works by the female conceptual artists Regina Jose Galindo and Santiago Sierra too, Santiago's works often involve the use of low paid labour to make social comments, these were documented at the exhibition photographically.

Colourful works included some wonderfully smelly spices (don't know who this was 'by') and a ' Liechtenstein -ian' homage by Dino Bruzzone  
It smelt of the Spice market

I wonder what Dino has been looking at ?

Central Grill Update

Thanks for the feedback from huxleyboy06 on the Northfields Central London Group Grill Bar post, somewhat intriguingly I now see more boarding at the windows...
More Board now

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