Saturday, June 21, 2014

More at CityLit and zooms

One of the things I've most enjoyed over the last 18 months or so has been   widening my knowledge in areas that I've not really engaged with before, a great institution that has enabled some of this is the CityLit.
Philosophy has been a particular eye opener and for this reason (and because courses fill quickly) I've enrolled in 'Ways into philosophy: key themes' for September 2014.
The course is described as:

'An introduction to Western philosophy explores five key themes: truth, knowledge, ultimate reality, the mind/
A window in St Mungo's 
body problem and personal identity.'- So pretty light (it's 12 weeks of 2 hours per week) but hopefully hitting the spot.

Another benefit of booking early is a discount of £10 on short summer courses costing £50 or more to do something totally different I've opted for a one day - Introduction to stained glass which is being held at The Victoria and Albert Museum in August.

I remember speaking to a retired guy when we holidayed in Cuba about his interest in this and I suppose it is something that is ripe for revisiting.


As I mentioned yesterday my new camera I thought it worth sharing a couple of examples of the Zoom which is particularly useful when capturing images of 'wildlife' a bird on the allotment and a naughty squirrel in the garden .
Nut time
Bird but not on a wire

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