Saturday, June 14, 2014

Euronews Réunion (sort of) in London

One might  say that friendships can be be made stronger by the forging they receive in difficult or challenging
Albert and not Shaun or Graham
circumstances and although life in Lyon for a group of  broadcast expatriates in the 1990's was not a war zone but it has meant that the group of have remained in touch on a fairly regular basis.

On Thursday I met Shaun (who I saw last in November 2012) and Graham (June 2013) at the Albert Memorial in Kensington Gardens for lunch, a wander and a lot of of talk. Later in the day we met up with John who works at Sky News in The Gherkin for a quick drink.

Serpentine on day 2
The Albert Memorial is stunning in both the over the top nature of the theme and the execution and Central London in one of the Royal Parks can be very pleasant particularly mid week without too many visitors so the visit started well.

Strangely the previous day I had been expecting to visit the Marina Abramovic exhibition/performance at the Serpentine but due to the expectations of large crowds it had been rescheduled for later in the month - in fact the crowds looked manageable when I walked past.

Graham and John
After a bit of an amble we found a very pleasant Italian restaurant and were able to enjoy an Alfresco Lunch unfortunately Shaun then had to return to Gateshead, Graham and I stopped at the Wallace Collection  in Manchester Square before going off to meet John - who was on fine form.

After that quite a bit more walking through London's centre and a meal at Wagamama Covent Garden - a pretty good day all in all and some great London Skylines to enjoy.

A Charity run in full swing

The 'Iconic' skyline
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