Thursday, June 12, 2014

Days 3 and 4 in Glasgow

Day 3

On Sunday after a  Caffe Nero breakfast we took a city tour (bus) around Glasgow - these are quite a good way  of finding ones bearings but made increasingly impersonal by the pre-recorded commentary, worked well as it was raining!
Rennie designed this

Fire damage at the Art School

Glasgow is famous for the Rennie Mackintosh connection sadly there's been a serious fire at the Art School he's most associated  but we did manage to visit the famous Willow Tea rooms and gift shop where I had a decadent Cappuccino and fairly straightforward sandwich .

I also checked out the upstairs at the Tea rooms all very much in Rennie's style as was the area we were seated in.

Dinner was at a Hard Rock cafe not as lively as some of the chain we've been to but an adequate burger amongst varied  rock and roll memorabilia which included a Bay City Rollers jumper.
Only Okay now

On my 22nd birthday I went to the London Hard Rock and really thought it was the business, subsequently visited Cancun (Mexico), Hong Kong and  Sydney ones all of which I enjoyed but   sadly the chain has (for me) lost some of its magic perhaps it's the music that's not so good?

Day 4

Quite a construction
Let's Pray
Breakfast our most expensive of the trip was at John Lewis and after this the rain really did come down.

 We made the walk (despite the rain) to Glasgow Cathedral (St. Mungo's) which was worth a visit, plenty of beautiful stained glass windows and a strange Necropolis at the back of the Cathedral apparently modelled on the Cimetière du Père Lachaise in Paris.

Many visitors in the church from lots of different countries and generally they were behaving as one should (I suppose) in a church.

Another Stained window
Always repairs in these old buildings

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