Tuesday, June 24, 2014

More photography, Canon Test Drive and a course

The news that I'm likely to have yet another photograph published in the next week's Ealing Gazette has spurred me on to take a more active approach to my photography and I have enrolled in a 1 day course at  Westland Place Studios, the course is called 'Shooting The Square Mile' and the early booking price for the July 5th session  is just £49  which seems a very reasonable price.

A bunch of colours
I anticipate many of my cohorts will be using SLR cameras (as opposed to my point and shoot)  but I hope that the course is not just about equipment and that I can learn some new ideas along the way.

I am also expressing an interest in a Canon Test drive to be held at a London dealers (Park Cameras, London) , I remain fairly loyal to the brand having had Video and Stills photos (and printers) from them I like their build and lens quality. I am planning to see if there is a camera better suited to me than the SX280 HS - I'm beginning to quite like it particularly the GPS and ability to transfer images wirelessly.


The allotment is beginning to provide soft fruit behind the Strawberries it looks like there'll be a good crop of Currants and Apples - I think Garlic is ready for picking soon too (as the tops are dying).

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