Friday, June 20, 2014

Photo of the week (again), Photography and replacing a Camera case

Some time ago I started looking at getting a fresh camera and having been very satisfied with a  Canon IXUS
Like a child's toy model
 75 I found myself drawn to the Canon SX 280HS it having some extra facilities but still being a 'Compact' meaning I would carry it around.
I decided that the next photo' published in the Ealing Gazette would trigger a purchase of the camera, well in fact  I bought it ahead of this but a photo (from my previous camera) was published today as 'Picture of the Week (my fourth this year).
I really enjoy documenting the landscape I find myself in and I suppose Photography  is still a hobby of mine after many years.

The picture shows the continuing work in respect of Dickens Yard redevelopment.

Another picture of the week

The text that went with the picture
The replacement camera is taking some getting used to, it is more sophisticated and has a better Zoom capability as well as GPS and better video recording (it's HD video capable) I hope that the next published photo' is taken with this camera.

Drawbacks for the 'New Camera' are:

1) The battery usage (I have subsequently bought two spare batteries though and this was for only £6.00) so I am content on this.
2) Case- I bought a case at nearly £20.00  including carriage  (it's called a Crazy Case -so perhaps I should have worried about the proposition) which I have had to return as it was failing in respect of the belt loop - I have sent it back by Collect+ and have ordered another variety.
3) Slightly bigger than the IXUS.

Collect+ is a service that Amazon uses for returning goods that are unsatisfactory for one reason or another.

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