Friday, June 27, 2014

O2 Phone deals, PayPal Frauds and Growing Pains

Another go at Carrots 

Phone deals

I suppose yesterday my day was about phones (to an extent anyway) from the irritating calls asking me to do a survey (to my benefit) and the 'fact' that their records showed that someone at this address had been involved in an accident it went to a series of missed calls on my mobile - it seems that my present phone deal is coming to an end and I have the options of upgrading to a new handset or switching to a cheaper tariff.

One of the callers did explain quite well   a better deal with my current phone, more minutes, data and texts for about £11 per month, oddly she couldn't email me the details for me to agree, I didn't want to change my deal without this so will probably go into the local O2 shop to arrange (gives me the chance to avoid The Carphone warehouse too).

Fraudulent purchase

From that it went to an email from PayPal telling me that a suspect transaction had been made on my account - I thought oh dear a 'Spam' email  but checking my account conformed that an un-authorised (by me) payment had been attempted  for the purchase of an  iPhone.

I changed my password and called PayPal who put my mind at rest that the payment had not and would not be made - I hope that others have not suffered.

(I was of course extremely circumspect about responding to any links in the email for fear of it also being part of a scam - phone seemed best and no bank account details or similar were exchanged by phone or email.)

The details were:
Purchase of an Apple iPhone 4S - 16 GB - Black (Unlocked) Smartphone from ebay seller at £110 plus post and packing

To be delivered to

Tomas Jasulaitis
40 queens roadflat A
portsmouth, Hampshire
United Kingdom

I had not browsed the item or any iPhone on ebay and the seller and purchaser are not known to me - I'm not sure how the person perpetrating the fraud had been able to access the account.

Well I must say that I was impressed that this was picked up and if you have similar problems do let me know.

Growing Pains

Well peas have been disappointing and Kohlrabi  mainly food for Pigeons but I've decided to try carrots again despite the limited supply and deformed versions produced so far.

Blackcurrants are doing well and I've enjoyed some already.

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