Sunday, June 23, 2013

More cultivation and Idea 150 is Capitalism

Watering the Butternut Squash
Strawberry Fields
The last week or so I've been adding a few more rows of vegetables including the Vegetable Butternut Squash shown, next week I hope to plant out Pak Choi and perhaps some more Asparagus. Today I harvested a few Strawberries and am hoping to pick some Peas next week, Courgettes are now flowering and Broad Beans are getting bigger by the day.

Big Idea 150 is Capitalism

Capitalism is a product of the industrial society, the concept relies on the creation of  surplus wealth which is invested by capitalists to create further wealth from the labour of their employees. A natural tendency of this system is the formation of monopolies, modern economies have laws which govern the creation of these  monopolies either to limit them or to restrict the profit they generate.
Government can also create and administer monopolies.
Here's an explanation of Capitalism

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