Thursday, June 13, 2013

Clear roads ahead and Idea #144 is Civil Liberties

Okay it was some months ago that I noted the policies and action around 'Residents Parking' now it's actually due to come into force on our road on July 1st.
Looking up the road
... and down
You can see how a London road looks with a plethora of parked cars, this is not a result of residents parking as such- the contractors need the road clear so they can do the marking.
We've requested our permits and it is interesting to know that at £50 per car  we're on a more reasonable rate than many (I'm told that one north London borough is more than double but is adjusted according to your car engine size).

Idea 144 Civil Liberties

Following on from Rights we've got Liberties (not Liberty the famous London Shop).
The idea of Civil Liberties is tied up with the analysis of John Locke (philosopher) who postulated that the electorate trades their 'natural rights' for Civil Liberties with  the government. (perhaps some parts of Turkey are getting close to this ?)
The arrangement holds good in so far as the populace may withdraw their consent to be governed if the government fails in their part of the bargain.
The 18th century revolutions in France and America enshrined Liberties and generally they are widely encountered in modern democracies but it is important to many who support these rights that they are not eroded by the state using arguments for ensuring security.

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