Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Allotment work and Idea 142 is Human Rights

Keep those cherries
Second cage
Yesterday although the weather wasn't great I spent a bit of time on the allotment, tidying, weeding and clearing as well as putting the second fruit cage up, this and the netting on the Cherry tree (number 1) will ensure that we get some fruit at least.
The cage is another one purchased from Amazon and  produced by Gardenskill Ltd
Getting clear
Birds of course love to take nice ripe fruit and I'm not alone in battling with them (not physically) I anticipate losing some fruit but would be nice to enjoy home grown cherries.
Luciano who was the previous tenant of the other half of my plot has now removed some of his decomposing leaf mould he's a big fan of adding the leaves to aid warmth and soil composition. I'm now starting to turn over some of the soil and remove weeds although it is hard work I've got a got of plants without  homes and this new area is going to be useful as it has a fine aspect for the sun.

Idea 142 is Human Rights

Looking at the idea of Human Rights feels timely in a world where governments are warning that there are limits to the amount of privacy that citizens can expect while security forces battle to keep safe the populace and the amount of Government surveillance is being discussed following the whistle-blowing of Danny Ellsberg.
Crofton notes in his book that there is to a certain extent an expectation of  basic 'Human Rights'.
Much of the thinking around Human Rights  comes from the changes made after the American and French Revolutions.
Human Rights are even expected to be observed during war and Geneva conventions are an attempt to document this.
The UN's declaration of Human Rights and the European Court of Human Rights are significant in ensuring the worst excesses are constrained.
Here's the story ...

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