Sunday, June 02, 2013

60 years ago revisited and Big Idea 136 is Authority and Authoritarianism

It was easy to forget that it was 60 years since the Coronation of Elizabeth II but I noticed in a side road of Ealing that the event was being commemorated - wouldn't be too surprised to find Coronation Chicken on the menu at this street party. If you have a look at the ingredients I think you'll be curious as to how the dish was arrived at by Constance Spry/Rosemary Hume and in fact is a version of an earlier  regal dish (George V 's Jubilee Chicken).


Authority and Authoritarianism

This topic is associated with the traditional political right. Following what some considered the anarchy of the French Revolution a body of thinkers to sing the praises of order  and traditional authority as embodied in Church, State and Family.
Joseph de Maistre (1753-1821) was a big figure in this philosophy having been a magistrate he turned to satire to critique the effects of the French revolution.
Edmund Burke was also critical of the anarchy of these times believing that culture was preserved under  Authoritarian rule and the loss of authority would lead to chaos with a counter reaction which would  ultimately lead to a dictatorship.
During the Cold War a distinction was made between Totalitarian regimes (often of the left) and those merely considered Authoritarian (like Greece's general) which were more acceptable to the USA.
Burke was an MP and his thoughts/works are a lodestone for the right (see below)
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