Wednesday, June 05, 2013

More Plotting and the Big Idea 138 is Liberty

The right side of the 202a plot
Getting full on 202b
It's fun on the allotment we had our first (admittedly only 6) broad
beans at the weekend and there are peas are beginning to form as I write.
Recently Plot 202b has been getting increasingly congested with major diversions necessary to get from my compost heap to my broad beans (not to mention the railway sleepers that were intended for a raised bed), fortunately (I think it's fortunate) my borders have widened.

The other side of 202a

Plot 202a has been vacated and I've now been granted the old plot which has doubled my area and once I've cleared some of the weeds and accumulated baths and odds and ends I'll be able to start planting Tomatoes, Peppers, Cabbages and Cauliflowers in a home of their own - this will also I hope give me a chance to plan a little more efficiently and try a rudimentary rotational programme.
The plot has even more sun than my existing one and some of it has been cultivated quite recently so with a bit of weeding a bonfire and perhaps some rotted compost it will be productive

Big Idea 138  is Liberty

A symbol of Liberty
In the political lexicon Liberty is often tied to Freedom and Crofton points out that the two terms are sometimes hijacked for questionable causes. The USA's fight for independence might be celebrated as a campaign for liberty but at the time it provided little in the form of liberation for Women and Slaves.
In terms of defining Liberty The Declaration of Arbroath (1320) is a historic statement that iterates
the Scottish claim for Freedom from the English .
The modern concept of liberty held by 'liberals' may not always mean small government but can be more about the enabling people to progress with their aims hopefully without encroaching on other people's liberties.
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