Sunday, June 16, 2013

Getting the Cauliflowers out and Big Idea #146 is Multilateralism and Unilateralism

Robin keeps an eye out for a tasty worm
Cauliflower under net.
With the extra plot I've been turning over the soil and planting as I go today I added  Cauliflowers out to the Peppers and Tomatoes I've already planted out.
The cauliflowers are under netting as I know pigeons enjoy feasting on them, have also scattered Slug pellets to meet the challenge of snails and slugs.
 I have also put in a few extra Leeks in the ground. As well as other plot-holders I'm often joined by a Robin they are sociable birds and like nothing better than a garden tool handle to perch on while they look out for worms.

Big Idea146 is Multilateralism and Unilateralism

CND fought against Nuclear Proliferation
During the Cold War where the then two Superpowers (USSR and USA) fought a phony war by
proxy and propaganda there were calls for them (and other countries) to reduce or even remove their Nuclear arms. If one side decides to give up arms without a corresponding reduction by 'the other side' this is Unilateralism, where both sides negotiate reductions this is Multilateralism
The threat of all out Nuclear war has somewhat dissipated and the general feeling is that terrorists are now the more dangerous element.
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