Thursday, June 20, 2013

Michael Woodford and idea 148 is Economic Systems

Sandwich snub
Last night following an invite from SunZu (who they? ) I went to listen to Michael Woodford formerly CEO with Japanese Olympus the Camera and Medical equipment giant. His talk was as they say a rollercoaster a rip roaring ride through some serious Japanese gangsta style corruption.
Michael has written a book, Exposure which could be worth a read.
What was revelatory was the fact that when someone who was blowing the whistle on such an enormous fraud the method his colleagues chose to use to humiliate him was giving him a grotty sandwich as opposed to a delicious Sushi.
Addressing  the event held at the Central London  Emmanuel Centre Michael was a one man master-class in oratory, animated and engaging there was no powerpoint or notes to divert attention from his skills as a speaker.

Idea 148 is Economic Systems

In many developed and developing countries the government is a key player in driving the economy using the levers of growth and investment to help it meet strategic goals. In countries with a more free market philosophy Supply and Demand are left to the vagaries of the 'free economy' typically at times of economic crisis and war more tinkering by the state can be anticipated and the economy is described as a Siege or Command economy.
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