Saturday, June 08, 2013

More OPEN Ealing Art (Cubism) and Idea 140 Equality

Cubism is (I think) where the disjoint between 'modern' art and representational work occurs, it was great to have a look at it with the Modern Art course I attend.
Before Perspective
What I've taken on-board so far from the course is that (I suppose obviously) is that paintings are an abstraction the idea of representing 3 dimensional objects in a 2 dimensional medium is always going to be a challenge - if you look at paintings (for example) from the 15th Century it is clear that   there is no 'perspective'.
Early perspective
With the rules of perspective anew grammar for the world of art arrived but it is worth thinking about this, it is a series of conventions an rules that we are taught and learn, other times and other cultures have a different grammar  and history of representation.

'Picasso's Factory, Horta de Ebbo'
So Cubism came along and blasted a whole in what was the 'fourth wall' of visual grammar  -in a world where photography could replicate the 2 dimensional it tried to tell us more about the objects, it may not always be visually pleasing but as Nick Pearson tells us repeatedly works of art look to solve the problems artists perceive.
Here's a wild guy talking about Cubism (interesting stuff about his name)-

Idea 140 Equality

Like many of the political ideas Equality is a work in progress, it is easy to be smug and consider that each step we take is the last that needs to be taken, like our earlier consideration of  'Liberty'  the US constitution  thought that it would deliver equality but it took sometime before race and gender issues were addressed and some issues remain. Equality may impinge on 'rights' and it is a negotiated area that must take account of public acceptance.
Here's a young man talking about sexual equality (from a  perhaps religious point of view).


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