Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Monoprinting and Big Idea 147 is Economics

One by Tracey
Now although I've been taking an interest in Art (particularly Modern Art) for a number of years it's a long time since I've attended art classes (with art teacher Tom Davies at Braintree High School) so I was unable to resist the opportunity to join a printmaking workshop (at OPEN Ealing).
The first session was one of the simplest types of printing called Monoprinting
Monoprinting has a number of exponents including Tracey Emin.

In fact it is illuminating to realise that even some fairly simple stuff does require technique and a modicum of talent and preparation.


Idea 147 is Economics

Having followed Ian Crofton's Big Ideas around Politics it's quite exciting to get to the topic of Economics (known by Thomas Carlyle as the 'Dismal Science') - the subject has been somewhat colonized by the Scots with Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations one of the stand-out tomes.

In fact Economics is pretty much tied up with political questions, For example - how much should government do to direct the economy? How Should it intervene to meet fiscal targets?

Economics has two big categories Microeconomics (Individual people and companies)  and Macroeconomics (National Scale).
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