Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Cutting Council Costs & Big Idea 153 is Labour

Great to see a company with a sense of humour
The Chancellor George Osborne has today made a statement on the next round of Government  department cuts, sad to see that the DCMS and Local Government are again going to suffer. I've been waiting for my residents parking permit to arrive and it looks like it'll be with us after the deadline, although it was sent of on the 10th June it didn't arrive (they say) until the 18th and it can take 10 working days to be processed I don't think a private company would get away with this level of prevarication and be un-contactable to answer a query as well. It seems that Councils have different rules (well Ealing Council anyway), having said that morale is low with public service workers and the ending of incremental rises that helped boost pay levels is unlikely to help motivate  this bunch of employees.

Labour is a big Idea (in this case an economic one)

David Ricardo

In case you were thinking that the capitalists had it all there own way there was of course resistance.
 David Ricardo (1772 to 1823) who was effectively dis-inherited by his Jewish family when he married outside his faith  developed  the Labour Theory of Value which was used later by Karl Marx in creating the concept of ' Surplus Labour'. (Don't worry David did well as a businessman amassing quite a fortune and became an MP).
 Historically workers started to get together in Guilds and  Trade unions to try to make sure that they
were able to avoid being undercut by other workers willing to work for less pay.
These collective organisations were able to negotiate with employers in the hope that they could arrive at just and fair agreements.

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