Thursday, April 06, 2017

Travelling Cinema (96)

Really enjoyed the travelling cinema visit yesterday - incredibly kind guy let us in despite us being 2 days late!!

A reminder of film 

It's a couple of years since we'd been and they've re-located to the location of the old (and new) Ealing Cinema. 

[And when I got my PictureofTheWeek  of it published in the local paper.]

And it's also quite a while since I've actually been to the pictures and the film we went to see was a smasher too.

Way in

Hidden Figures (based on a true story) was a very moving tale told incredibly well a great cast and marvellous direction moved me to tears on several occasions.

All about the Cold War, NASA responding to USSR space supremacy  and the terrible treatment of segregated America I'm not sure what awards the film has won but it deserves (to my mind) more than a few.



Who was Elthorne?

It'd look better with a gloss finish 

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