Wednesday, April 12, 2017

'More is More' and the Last Photo' Exhibition session along with planning (No 102)

Yesterday we had the last of our Exhibiting Photography course - it was good to get the opportunity to try out what we had been exposed to and I'm optimistic that I could have a visit from our course tutor Shirley Read an expert in Photographic Curation.

My inclination is somewhat against the times to say 'more is more'.

I have the following provisional line up for tomorrow.

As you enter from the left - 3 with galss 

And next to them - people

On the other side of the arch - 3 featured works showing my images if what I think is A Cosmopolitan City  - starting with 'Covent Garden' then hopefully the red images will draw the eye.

And  then 3 bigger pictures - with a certain 'distance' to them.

And now with the new £1 coin - £133.03

We'll find out how it looks in the next day (and Tim L's too)

The photographs are taking me back to my 'red' project  - oddly the first of a rather excellent short series by  Wayne Hemingway's 'Owning Colour - Red on Radio 4 also had that effect.


I like Gordon Road

A revisited road but a new door

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