Friday, April 07, 2017

Now it's Zaytouna Tree (97)

It was Turkish for a whie

So I know Restaurants come and go - they get revamped, renamed and refurbished.

I'm just surprised at how quickly it's happening now and some points that are ignored at the managements peril.

And they were an American style Diner too

In Ealing on the 'New Broadway' there's plenty of passing trade (there even used to be a Cinema there and the word is that there will be again).

For many years there was  a Pizza Hut  (2013) with the famous Eat as much as you can/like buffet - it became Maggie's which then became Mikla (a Turkish restaurant) - now it's changed the sign to Zaytouna (Olive) Tree (but it seems to me remarkably little else) .

What I reckon is that for prime location like this the rent is high - and I would advise that a licence (for Alcohol) is needed to help attract diners and to help out with the balance sheet.

Also it needs to look welcoming to all - if they try that the business will (I think) boom.

And will a new name and sign change things.

£126 32p


It's getting a challenge to find those door numbers daily once i get  to 100 I might be a bit more relaxed and take it as it comes - here's 97

I couldn't see a road sign

Getting out of No 97 with his paper

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