Thursday, April 27, 2017

Algarve Public Art

Amongst the delights the Algarve has to offer are  beautiful blue skies which provide a great setting for some dazzling colours natural and 'person-made'.

Hard to imagine such a striking public work on the streets of Ealing London

As well as Public Art (like this, above in central  Ferruagudo)  which integrates so well into the resorts the villa's and streets are vibrant and full of life in a way that doesn't work in the more Northerly UK where I spend most of my time.

In fact in  the village of Carvoeiro there's been a project that has turned the usual ugly utility boxes into works of art. Carvoeiro resident Phil Francis, aka Phil da Bife, and his friend and graffiti artist Hélder José, aka Bamby have done the work (you can see the story here).

Here are some of the images I captured. (#Carvoeiroboxes)

How ugly would that be without a flower?
Odd  about these trees (ideas?)
A Religious Icon

I thought trees grew straight?

And in nature from the nest? day.

And we saw something  similar depicted on the boxes 

More images from the local artists improving the local environment in the next post or two.

And the fund is still building ..

£147 .56 is what we're looking at 

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