Wednesday, April 26, 2017

And back again - I'm floored

Gatwick airport shops before the news

So just over a week ago, Tuesday morning  and travelling to Gatwick airport in mini cab the  news was that  our PM (UK) was going to make an announcement.

Checked bags in - Usual waiting around at airport - Cup of coffee and sandwich - gate announced.

At gate TV was on and Theresa May has called an election - how can we can stay away for at least the duration of the campaign?  

Back to the increment-ing £146 26
So the Conservatives have found the weakness of the opposition parties too hard to resist (there are other theories as too why the election was called too) and decided to cut and run.

My initial thoughts were that this could be good news for the LibDems (they have a clear-ish message on Brexit), Labour (I thought) would be struggling and SNP laughing - the UK would be no more - As the weeks go I will see if I still see it playing out like this.

Portugal Holiday

The view from our rooms

So arriving in Portugal and eventually at our destination on the Algarve it's a lovely area  and the people at Vale d'Oliveiras were fantastically pleasant (with good language skills too).
well laid out

The hotel (if that's what it was) is one of the best we've had in terms of quality, space and standard.

An organic area too

Portugal is apparently on of our oldest allies and I reflect again on what Brexit means (here we can see Portugal perspective)  - there are many people in the area who rely on tourism and British tourists are I would suggest in the majority - Golf resorts and sailing being particularly popular pursuits  for retirees and holidaymakers.

It's always a plus for me to have a bathroom that includes a bath (as this one did) - there were two rooms a modern kitchen and a clever arrangement around connecting bathrooms - along with outside space I can see that this would be a great place to be able to retreat anytime an election is called.

Many developments are now based around a 25% timeshare arrangement as opposed to the old 2 weeks that were around 20+ years ago.

Outside space
A flat/hotel apt. that can take 5 

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