Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Playing catch up (94)

Cane marks the Ginger spot
Sadly (as usual) I seem to be bit behind on my planting but I do now have Ginger and some strawberries planted and have started clearing what was the strawberry bed.

It's a lovely time of year on the allotments with blossom and budding giving hope for the future - birds full of life as well as the green fingered folk on local site.

Former Strawberry bed
Make sure you soak overnight

Blackbird (not singing )

Truly blossom time on plot 202

Rhubarb -It goes nicely with ginger


Off to Kensington for this one and quite an imposing number 94
£123 nicely in order

Very much the posh bit

And that's one imposing front door

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