Sunday, April 09, 2017

Hanging Preparations for Questors (99)

It's a good name for a bar
 So at the end of the week I'll be returning to The Questors Grapevine Bar for another exhibition (I was there last year too) - this time it's a joint effort with myself and Artist  Timothy Layden.

 Most of today I've been preparing my prints and only need to label them and hang them (on Thursday).

A Preview of Tim Layden's Work 

paid a visit to remind myself of the space too.

The Space
Baby steps - £129.08


A few weeks ago I went to, for the first time Kensington Roof Gardens - it was organised by the Design Museum to celebrate 'Spring' it was  a bit cold but it was at  a number  99

Not in Ireland though 

A Celebratory door occasion  

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