Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Selfie time (95)

At Saatchi gallery yesterday afternoon - Charles Saatchi seems to many a bit of a Marmite figure and I'm not too sure how hands on he is with the Gallery (I think I saw him outside yesterday) but he really does provide a great free Gallery to see contemporary art in.

The exhibition is about Selfies and self portraits (showing that it's not new) - Hawei seem heavily involved - also a chance to see the infamous Gavin Turk piece of him as a synthesis of  Sid Vicious and the  Andy Warhol representation of Elvis.

Perhaps some find this 'shallow' but you can easily be 'ironic' or even post modern about it and it is fun.

Here's Gavin Being playful.

And when you needed 2 people to hold the camera

A guy who was after the stars 

More playful stuff

It wasn't all selfies

Well £124.02 and about a quarter of the year gone


The arrival at number 95 was intriguing -increasingly I need longer roads and coming to them 'blind' I'm not sure that I'll have the number I want - Cadogan Gardens has a very odd layout ( look on the map) but thankfully it  does go up to 95.

In terms of layout the oddest road I've come across so far

A door on high

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