Saturday, April 08, 2017

Out of Order (98)

It's  slightly odd  to see an 'out of order' sign isn't it?
I'm not sure how many years I've been visiting the theatre at Richmond  or more generally seeing live shows.

It's a pleasure to be surprised and lose myself in drama or humour  and to find how changes in expectations and taste are reflected in the production.

Today we went to a matinee performance of Ray Cooney's  Out of Order a (Farce style ) play which did seem to be rather nostalgic in the activities portrayed and the style of  performance that was presented.

This play has been on tour and has a strong cast  who performed with gusto but there was little (I felt) going on below the surface and the audience were not overly challenged (which I would think looking around suited  them just  fine).

Often I consider that things I do and see  in the present have incredibly high thresholds to overcome yo impress me which is hard - today I have thought about the thrill I had on receiving my first bicycle which my father had bought second-hand and rejuvenated - much as performances of classics may aspire to.
Richmond Theatre
Okay we're £128. 02p

A little less than Boeing Boeing which I saw last year (Questors Theatre) but this also  felt that it was from a time and a place where women's issues were of less concern and I think that seeing it when it was first performed would have been a very different experience for audience and cast from how it feels now.


As Roxy Music would no doubt like us to do

An old charmer in terms of doors

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