Monday, March 16, 2015

Shapps to go? and Why the use of Time Lapse on News items?

Clarkson and Shapps

Speaking of News items  - what is about those favoured by our current Prime-minister that is causing them to become increasingly toxic?
This at least was not an incident of Smoke without fire 

Clarkson is liked by many - not sure that all of these would be happy to be treated by work colleagues the way that he does but now it's Grant who is being backed by David Cameron.

[And if you might be questioning the Tory leader's judgement, let's not forget that  Andy Coulson  the Prime Minister's former Director of Communication is now, after 5 months at 'Her Majesty's Pleasure' required to submit to the ignominy of  a Home Detention Curfew.]

I did feel slightly sorry for Grant Shapps when he was required to fill the role of an apologist for Cameron's avoidance of a direct TV debate with Ed Miliband but the patent untruths around his work when he first became an MP is something to behold - don't know who will replace him at what is becoming a difficult time for the Tory high command.

Here he is (Video below)  talking about what he did before he became an MP  - well actually he had had a second job when he was an MP... and was working with 'Stinking Rich 3'  and here are some odd facts about Grant from The New Statesman

The spin on the story is now that he 'screwed up' is this a euphemism for lying ?

Would a so-called benefit scrounger be able to use this defence?

Speeded up items on News

What is this mania for adding time lapse to news pieces often where there's a supposed 'open' question?

I know that Benny Hill used to use speeded up hilarious items and that in Natural Science documentaries  it can be used to worthwhile effect  (hatching chicks and the like) but what is that so many news items now pad with this - what's it mean in terms of the visual grammar?

My fear is that it's just an affectation brought to us by the technology that's standard on iphones and perhaps other devices -is there anyone from the TV community can illuminate?

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