Monday, March 09, 2015

Keeping up with old work friends

Reuters - he was the founder.
Last week I met a friend I've known for well over 30 years - he's no longer resident in the UK and when he does visit Ealing his time here is usually short and full of things that he should do so it was something of a treat to get some time with him. I know Richard from working with him both at ITN and Reuters TV in Hong Kong.

It was great to catch up with him at The North Star a pub I've been going to for more than 30 years
North Star Ealing
People who we choose to remain in contact with for such a long time are important they give us an opportunity to relive parts of our lives and also provide a reference as we age - if X looks older then we probably do to, if Y is getting set in their ways perhaps the same applies to us.

Today it was another Monday  with old friends John (ITN and Euronews) and Shaun also from Euronews - it was fun to meet and have something to eat John is now based at Sky News, Gherkin studio and Shaun continues to push the envelope of languages, Violin playing and keeping in touch with his family and friends.

Having spent time with people in other countries provides quite a bond and challenging circumstances often brings out the  good in people.

London's Gherkin, Sky have their 'City'  Studio here

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